Monday, May 28, 2012

Protester Accuses Tony Blair of War Crimes (Investigation Called for by the Court)

The investigation will not be as to whether Tony Blair is a war criminal, but as to how the protester managed to get into the court.


  1. Blair is a master manipulator of the public, and yet you can see how disheveled and upset he is over hearing truth he rarely ever hears, if at all. The immoral and evil monsters who set mass murder into motion need to be reminded every day of their crimes. They deserve it in the way a drunk-driver who kills someone has been forced to write a check every day to the family of the victim. (I'm not against drinking and driving per se, but against person and property destruction) Of course, they are far more guilty than someone who kills one individual by accident. In my opinion, if Hell does not exist for these people, it is the greatest injustice possible.

  2. This video is instructive because it clearly demonstrates what a dog and pony show it is. The "judge" or moderator focused not on the protestor's statements but on his standing to be there by diverting attention to how he got in. And note the commentator did not fully summarize what the protestor said. Isn't it the media's job to fact check the protestor's statement? Blair knew well enough not to let it lie even though the "judge" offered consoling words that he didn't have to respond. Let's pray for more brave protestors.

  3. Interesting how he's more troubled over the interruption of the truth teller than the responsibility he bears for the death of probably close to a million brown people.

    I find it interesting that he denies in depth discussion with JP Morgan over Iraq yet doesn't deny the $6 mil a year in

    1. It's called sleight of hand, divert attention to the right hand with a misleading statement so you don't see what's happening in the left hand (denial of $6M), or vice versa. It's incumbent on the citizen journalists aka bloggers to call him on that. The protester could have been smart to wear a website on his shirt while protesting to prompt the audience to check it out which is why phone numbers on TV and in movies start with area code -555-XXXX.