Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rand Paul Attempt to End Raids on Natural Food Stores Fails in Senate

Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment yesterday to the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (S.3187) that would disarm the FDA, and toughen up the mens rea component of many FDA prohibited acts, in an attempt to end armed raids on natural food stores and Amish farmers, and stop FDA censorship of truthful claims of dietary supplements. It failed passage by a vote of 78-15.

Senator Rand also included language which would force the FDA to accept data from clinical investigations conducted outside the United States, including the European Union, to speed the process of getting life-saving drugs on the market by the FDA. The Senate passed the bill with that language.

“Innovation in clinical drug trials should not be confined to the data received from trials in the United States. Findings from countries that incorporate the same rigorous requirements as we do when developing life-saving drugs and devices should be accepted by the FDA as well,” Sen. Paul said. “I am proud to see this important step being taken to increase the treatment options of millions of Americans currently hampered by outdated laws.”


  1. there is a minimum of 78 assholes in the senate

  2. I didn't expect it to pass, but I would have hoped it would garner more support than 15. That really shows you how far love of liberty has died in the political ruling class. (I mean love of liberty for us... I'm sure they expect it for themselves.)

    1. Actually, what it shows more than anything is that not only do the politicians not care about liberty they don't feel the need to maintain even the pretence, even when it comes to something so obviously vile and openly aggressive as raiding Amish farmers with guns. That's what I find most disturbing.

  3. I wouldn't expect anything but this from a government run mostly by regressive Dem's and neocon Reps. These two groups are control freaks and would never dream of yielding any of the power given to the government--at least not without first gaining something in return.

  4. who could vote against it? wow.

  5. Does anyone have a list of who voted for it AND WHO DIDN'T? I'd love to know who are the MORONS voting against it!

  6. Here is the list of how it was voted:

  7. Well that was kind of disappointing.

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    Hurry up crack-up-boom.
    Things need to change, crack-up-boom.
    Where are ya, crack-up-boom?
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    In the meantime; sticks get broken and no one gives a ....

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