Saturday, May 26, 2012

Report: Things Are Heating Up in Dallas

Taylor Conant reports:

I'm in Dallas this weekend. Not only are average rents significantly higher than when I left [ a year ago], but most of the apt buildings are no longer advertising vacancies on sidewalk posters as they since felt the need to (although they still undoubtedly have some). 
Across the street from my old building was a stalled condo tower project. They ran out of money in 2008, before I arrived in 2009. Nothing happened to it for the two years I lived here. 
Today, there are cranes all over it and scaffolding and they're building out the walls and guts of the building. 
Something is heating things up...
Yup, it's good old fashioned Ben Brnanke printed money that  is making its way into the Dallas oil sector and tech sector. 


  1. I was there for NASCAR and holly shit they are building all new roads And Buildings . But just one thing the Buildings are Empty ! Lot of Money going threw Dallas that is for sure !

  2. As one who leases out a home AND rents a home in the Dallas area, I can attest to the higher rents, but home sales are slow in many areas and prices are still significantly depressed compared to the peak.