Monday, May 28, 2012

Thomas Friedman Right about Something

James E. Miller emails:
In his column today:

"“Obamacare is socialized medicine,” says the Republican Party. No, no — excuse me — socialized medicine is what we have now! People without insurance can go to an emergency ward or throw themselves on the mercy of a doctor, and the cost of all this uncompensated care is shared by all those who have insurance, raising your rates and mine."

Of course the buffoon goes on to praise Obama for ending this by further socializing medicine, but at least he got this part right.


  1. I do not have Ron Paul's gracious nature, and so I will call Friedman a pile of puke. As Mr. Miller points out, how is universal coverage changing Friedman's correct observation that the taxpayer/insured is forced to pay for the uninsured?

    Maybe if insurance operated as it is supposed to, the reduction of frivolous costs would enable us to better take care of those who truly cannot pay. As our system is now, the number of those who can't pay is increasing and Obamacare can only destroy medicine for the middle class and poor. Read Hans Hoppe,A Four-Step Healthcare Solution

  2. Everybody keeps calling obamacare socialized medicine, however if you look at the true definition of socialism, should we be calling it facist medicine since it is more of a government private partnership to control all parts of the industry?