Friday, May 25, 2012

Understanding the CorpraStatist Economy through Housing Permits

Overall, the Washington D.C. area had the third most construction permits issued in 2011, after Houston and Dallas.

Construction increases where the money flows. Houston and Dallas are about oil. Whenever Ben Bernanke cranks up the money printing presses, oil prices are among the first to start climbing.

D.C. is, of course, the belly of the beast. The beast is always expanding. No surprise for strong permits here.


  1. Could you explain how the fiat money works its way into the banking system in order to fund construction and housing purchase loans?
    Or direct me to same?

  2. There is also construction on every major highway in and near D.C. The dulles Toll Road, Interstate 495, Rt. 66, Rt. 29, Rt 7. Rt. 50, Interstate 95, etc. There is also the Silver line for metro. New highways going through Loudoun county to Prince William County. It is obvious where the money is flowing every day in the D.C. Metro area

  3. Fiat money funds the ever-expanding deficits. More work and more lobbying for government money. Bidding up prices in DC.

    Oil? The favorite vehicle for fiat money today. It might be tulips or Munch paintings next year.