Monday, May 28, 2012

Vermont Tax Collectors Drill Dentist

States are getting desperate for revenue;
Dentist Frank Illuzzi was stunned when Vermont tax collectors began demanding a 6 percent sales tax on the value of toothbrushes and floss he hands out to patients. Senior care facility operator Jay Grimes was similarly surprised to get a $350,000 bill slapping a 9 percent restaurant tax on the meals served to residents in the dining room.
This all falls under a no new tax pledge by the Vermont governor:
Under adamant no-new-tax Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin, Vermont has added about 10 new tax compliance auditors and has stepped up efforts to scour records in rural areas, and add greater scrutiny to businesses ranging from auctioneers to Internet-based cloud-computing services.
Yeah, right no new taxes, just reinterpret the old taxes!



  1. Yes, and this is the same governor who...

    ...Had this emotional, knee-jerk statement about Ron Paul and his stance on FEMA:

    ...And who also signed the online affiliate tax bill (that he had indicated he would not sign). At least, it won't start killing entrepreneurial jobs until the "poison clause" eventually comes into effect:

    In other words, he's just your average crimin... err, politician. ;-D

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