Sunday, May 20, 2012

Video: Chicago Police Van Runs over Protester

On Saturday approximately 1,500 anti-NATO protesters marched through the streets of the Chicago business area known as the Loop. The protesters are in town to protest the NATO summit being held in the city. The situation was tense between police and the protesters throughout the march . At one point, through sheer numbers, protesters were able to break a police line formed by Chicago police in riot gear.

The protesters were remarkably non-violent through out the march. After the protesters stopped in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve building, they marched on and attempted to cross a bridge. Police, on the other side of the bridge, stopped the protesters at the bridge. As the protesters milled about on the bridge, a police van drove through the protesters  from the opposite direction.

Some protesters stood in front of the van, which continued forward and ran over a protester identified as Jack Amico.  He was taken away by ambulance and one twitter poster reported he was unconscious.

Earlier in the march, during a seemingly edgy but peaceful part of the march, a protester identified as Dee was hit with a police club and suffered a broken nose.

Tweeters also reported that protesters flashed their camera bulbs into the eyes of the police horses.

Below is video of the police van running over Amico.

Update: The local CBS news affiliate has this  headline on the Amico being run over:
Protester Pushed By Police Van During Saturday Protest March


  1. In Tiananmen Square, a tank didn't roll over a lone protester. But a Chicago police van does. Makes one proud to be a Chicagoan and American.

    Find out who was driving the van and the passengers.

  2. Police are nothing but dumb stupid animals to be used in DOMESTIC policy. (I'm sure Kissinger would agree with this modified statement of his).

  3. that's the point when you get a black bloc going.

    fuck the cops and fuck useless peaceful waste of time protests

  4. If they were real protesters, they would have stopped and overturned the police van. They would then take their photos and post them on the Internet.

  5. Ghandi taught the Indians and the British how to non-violently protest, and the British gave up their crown jewel of the empire. The price of freedom is the cost people are willing to bear to obtain it.

  6. These "protesters" are agent provocateurs unknowingly in most cases to justify the government to practice crowd control and crackdowns. Why do the union backed, Democrat controlled cities and states have less freedom and relative prosperity than those not? Is it embarrassing that a sitting president can't party in his own backyard?

  7. Um, I visited the link mentioned in the last paragraph, the headline is now:
    "Police: Protesters Attacked Police Van Saturday, Gave Cop Concussion"

    Got that?

  8. The victors write the history books.

  9. View from the Outback wrote, ""Police: Protesters Attacked Police Van Saturday, Gave Cop Concussion"

    Got that?"

    Yup, ... and the worm turns.

    Anonymous @ 1:17 PM wrote about Ghandi. More and more I'm beginning to think that tactic was "allowed" by the Power Elite for their aims, rather than being the success it was.

    ... And the beat goes on. ...

    - clark

  10. Please, as one who regularly reads Will Griggs and Radley Balko, I know there is plenty of wrong done by the police, and that they are in the main corrupt thugs who are not there to protect property or preserve the peace, but clearly the protesters who self assigned themselves property rights to the streets were in the wrong. As long as streets are public and not private, then they are designated for specific purposes, and those preventing others from using them for that purpose are the aggressors and have no rights.