Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to Chicago

A Chicago cop welcomes a NATO protester.

Update: Chicago police are looking for a protester who stole a police radio.


  1. Come on Wenzel, it's just the start of a friendly fist-bump between bros.

    Does that look like aggression on his face?

  2. If you look closely into the cops eyes, you can almost see the total ignorance. He went through police academy for the good pension and decent pay he heard so much about only to become another goon for the bosses, punching his neighbors kid in the ribs. Good job everyone, good luck America.

  3. its obvious the kind officer is giving the camera man daps

  4. Morning Robert

    OT: HSBC has set out contingency plans for all its 15 Greek branches to cope with a return of the drachma.

  5. That cop looks like he'd bleed jelly donut all over the kid. Is that a Will Work for Weed t-shirt on the left? Love it. It may not call forth the highest aspirations of the struggle against tyranny, but I can't deny whatever a peaceful person wants to do with their life. I'll never forget Aaron Russo's personal tale (to Alex Jones) of his nightclub in Chicago, The Electric Theater, which was immorally shut down by that gang of institutionalized thieves and killers. I don't mean to hurt those decent cops who are truly trying to protect life and property, who are victimized by the system, and who should quit if they can. After all, they are paid via stealing.