Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Any Spanish Translations of the 30 Day Reading List Out There?

Gregario Mansa emails:

I am deeply enjoying these readings (The 30 Day Reading List that will Lead You to Becoming a Knowledgeable Libertarian), and sharing them with Libertad Uruguay, our libertarian group here in Uruguay 
I have been looking for Spanish translations of these articles. So far I have two. The last article, Hate the state, has been translated by Mises Daily en EspaƱol .
 The second one, about fascism in modern US, was translated by myself and can be read here (I posted it there with express permission from Lew Rockwell).
I was wondering if you would know of any other translations to Spanish that you can tell me about. Or if you have any idea to share, regarding where to look. 
Thank you for your great contribution to liberty, and for any help you can provide on this matter.
If anyone has knowledge of translations of any of the other articles, or other ideas on how to get translations done, please post in the comments.


  1. You could use google translate if you have the chrome browser and your default language set to spanish. It would then detect when web sites are in english and offer to translate on the top bar. That could work or you could always copy and paste the text to get a translation in either that or many other sites. Not always perfect but until other fluent speakers do so this is the most effective method.

  2. I'm a liberty loving Spanish tutor...send some work my way.

    1. Could you translate this one, for example?

      Thanks tJm

  3. Gregario - me vas a decir que no podes conseguir ninguna traduccion de Rothbard? Y vos, no podes hacer la traduccion tu mismo?
    Igual, como ya te lo ha sugerido otra persona - proba utilizar el Google Translate. Hacelo por parrafo o seccion. No va ser 100% correcto pero por lo menos podes entender lo escrito.

    En fin...saludos.

  4. We are planning on translating all the rest of them and posting them on, either as soon as an article is translated or as soon as we have all of them translated so that we can publish them 30 days in a row.

    If anyone is interested in helping out translating these articles, please feel free to email me at or

  5. Found another one. Number 16.