Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At Bilderberg, Kissinger Got the Penthouse Suite and Other Bilderberg Gossip

By Charlie Skelton

Ken Clarke was the last man out. I'm not surprised he was late up. Britain's lord chancellor had the beery sheen and aspirin eyes of a man who'd found the closing banquet of Bilderberg 2012 more than usually chillaxing. He looks like he's been pulled through a hedge fund backwards. I'm not even sure he's wearing trousers.

Poor Ken. It can't be easy for him, trying to reconcile being an MP, the minister for justice and a member of Bilderberg's steering committee. Imagine having interests so conflicted. No wonder if he's got a sweat on. Plus, he's trying his best to champion transparency, trumpeting it as "the most effective public inoculation against corruption that any country can have", while refusing to talk about the Bilderberg conference or any of the steering committee meetings.

Back in 1994, Clarke thundered in parliament about "the desirability of greater transparency of decisions on monetary policy", but these days he's having to thrash it out in private with the heads of the major banks. What a nightmare.

Another tired face belonged to Bassma Kodmani, the head of foreign affairs for the Turkey-based Syrian National Council.

Happier than Bassma is Karen Field, a satisfied protester from Baltimore. She befriended an insider from the venue and came away with the hot gossip from the conference. A great deal of heavy flirting and some awkward lip dodging earned her this admission: "We had a load of the hotel staff gathered round a computer in the back office, watching Alex Jones – and they're all rooting for him." Grinning through gritted teeth at the banksters. It makes you wonder what ended up in the soup. No wonder Ken looks queasy.

As for the conference: "He told me that they don't just all sit together in a big room – which is what I always thought – but they have tons of separate rooms and they split up for the meetings. The first ones are after 4.30 on Thursday." Between meetings, says Karen's source, all the delegates talk about is "money, just money". The source told her: "They don't tip, although four years ago he got $20 from Henry Kissinger's aide. This year, no one got anything." Fair enough, there's a recession on.

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  1. Take note people, here is what your leaders think of you (cockroaches) as they send your kids off to die in far away lands to line their own pockets. If ever there was a more despicable group of scumbags gathered in one place it would have to be Washington - no make that Rome - no ahh, Wallstreet, no, I'm wrong the Fed - no, scratch that - ahh...

    Oh Hell, forget it.

  2. Why would Kissinger get the best room in the hotel and not the queen of Netherlands or some other royal (as happened 4 years ago). Does this signal that the Bilderbergers see a higher importance for Kissinger this year? If so, does that imply that they're pushing hard for another war and are looking to Kissinger and his ilk for guidance? Are they gunning to Syria, Iran, or both?

    1. OK, so here is the insanity that infects our poor brainwashed minds - that "royalty" actually means something other than an accident of birth, a privileged upbringing, a pathological belief that you are superior to everyone else, and a long line of pathetic royal groupies, with no sense of self worth, lined up to kiss your backside. If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.

      As the world awakens to the damage these "royals" have visited upon their "subjects" - well, let's just say I want to be as far away as humanly possible...