Monday, June 25, 2012

A Crazy Venn Diagram that Displays the Views of Eurozone Leaders

Writes Brad Plumer at WaPo:
Another week, another European summit. On Thursday, E.U. leaders will huddle together in Brussels to try and fix the euro zone. And no one has high hopes — financial markets are all tanking Monday because, apparently, they’re already gloomy about the outcome. 
Why so much pessimism? One problem is that the leaders of the euro zone’s four biggest economies  — Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande, Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, and Italy’s Mario Monti — can’t agree on what steps need to be taken to get Europe growing again. This Venn diagram from a new Exane BNP Paribas report (pdf) illustrates.

Click for larger view.

Of course, what all these bankster tools want is more centrally planned government. They differ only on who gets control and what central plans should be implemented first.


  1. When central governments take control of their economies you are in a communist country. Bring back free markets

  2. Free market does not exist. Finance is in the hands of the mafia, so is that what you want. Which side are you on?

    Would you have a free for all in football? NO. You need referees to keep the game within the rules. What you call "free market" is what caused the chaos through unlimited greed from the 1 percent. Are you part of them or are you a sucker like so many losers.

    1. Centralized government has "never" solved anything. Think of the collapse of the USSR. The 1% are the doers, the thinkers, the job creators. And pay most of the taxes already.

      We best all be on the side of the 1% because the rest of the "freeloaders" will never produce anything and pay little or "NO" taxes.

  3. Bring back? When have we ever had free markets?

  4. There are 'free markets'; it's called should give it try.

  5. Where are the Steve jobs, Bill gates, and ray Kroc's of the Socialist countries? They do not exist. Because Central planning and Socialism kills creativity and business. Socialism never worked, and Europe countries of all people should know that.
    Socialism failes in Austria and Germany after WWII, Germany's National Socialism failed as well. Socialism failed in Russia pre 1940. The U.S.S.R. went BANKRUPT. Socialism failed in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy. DUH! Socialism also failed in Argentina, Cuba, and Obama's Socialism is now destroying America.

    1. Capitalism failed all the time. The crisis here is a capitalist one with a corrupt "free market" just like the communist party in Russia was.

      They sucked all the suckers like you dry and don't want to give back the money they usurped by insider trading.
      Humans fail all the time. You are a good example of a loser.
      Your view is moronic and simplistic.
      No subtlety to create a new society made of the two forces that drive pitiful humans.
      Selfishness (capitalism) and solidarity (socialism).
      You can mix the two in quite an interesting fashion.
      But with half twitted short sighted minds it is impossible.

    2. How about you back up your views with some facts? Give us 1 example of a successful communist/socialist state. A place where they don't build fences or laws to keep people in and where everyone wants to move to. Name calling never does any good to further the debate.

    3. Europe as a whole has been successful for years but is actually attacked by what has become in the last ten years a rogue state that builds fences and laws to keep people in and out and where less and less people want to move to. Happy. If not call the marines.
      And don't mix communism and socialism, they are not the same.
      And what is free market anyway?

  6. "Selfishness (capitalism) and solidarity (socialism). "

    Horseshit. Capitalism isn't selfishness, except in the sense that all human action is ultimately rooted in self-interest. Capitalism allows and encourages all kinds of group behavior. The market is just an information aggregator, signaling to participants what the value of their behavior is to the group in the aggregate.

    It has nothing to do with "selfishness" in the way you mean it.

  7. "Europe as a whole has been successful for years"

    Relative to what? Europe is a hell-hole.