Thursday, June 14, 2012

David "The Assassin" Gordon on Krugman's New Book

David titles his review of Paul Krugman's new book, End This Nonsense Now! Sweet, since Krugman's book is titled, End This Depression Now!

David closes his review with a bullet to Krugman's head:
Krugman has nothing to say about the Austrian theory of the business cycle. Hayek is mentioned once (p. 205) in connection with the passage from Schumpeter previously quoted, but his name does not appear in the book's index. Mises and Rothbard are not mentioned at all. Given his manifest lack of understanding of the Austrian theory in earlier work, this is just as well.
The full review is here.


  1. If Keynesians actually read Mises or Rothbard, they wouldn't be Keynesians anymore. That's why Mises and Rothbard never get mentioned.

  2. David Gordon does the best book reviews.

    1. Jeff Riggenbach has some nice reviews as well, I miss seeing his articles.

  3. No surprise here.....Krugman is not an economist and thus lacks credulity in this sphere. He's a delusional sycophant propagating his particular view of the world. Nothing more.

  4. Dr. Gordon made a zinger out of this title

  5. David may be an "assassin", but he sure ain't no "drone"!!

  6. Krugman has ZERO credibility. I mean the guy called for a housing bubble in 2002.

  7. I don't really like calling it the Austrian theory of the trade cycle, since some Austrian School economists do not accept it. Why not say the Misesian theory of the trade cycle?

    That way, it pits Keynes against Mises. Ironically, Mises developed his theory before Keynes. (Keynes, I believe, developed his theory as a way of pretending to defend central banking, who funded him.)