Monday, June 4, 2012

Germany Signals Crisis Shift

As per usual, German Chancellor Merkel is about to bend to the desires of the global banksters.

Germany is sending strong signals that it would eventually be willing to lift its objections to ideas such as common euro-zone bonds or mutual support for European banks if other European governments were to agree to transfer further powers to Europe, reports WSJ.

Behind the scenes,WSJ writes, Europeans [bankster operatives] are working to pull together a "grand plan" as proposed at May's EU summit, a senior European Union official said. He said Germany was "willing to play ball in a grand design but at the obvious price of more transfer of sovereignty on fiscal matters." That, he said, was a tough requirement in almost all member states and may also require changes to EU treaties. He said governments were seeking to influence the approach to be taken at the next EU summit on June 28-29.

"Bottom line of it all: the game is on," he said

WSJ concludes:

Many of the ideas under discussion aren't new, but the sheer force of the resurgence of the euro crisis over the past month is forcing European leaders to realize that their piecemeal approach to resolving the crisis is failing.
Translation: Using the cover of the crisis, the money print fest is about to be launched and it will include a more "perfect" union of eurozone countries. This will, of course, be absolutely horrendous for eurozone citizens. It will mean eventual accelerating price inflation PLUS further centrally planned regulations from some distant bankster controlled regulatory body.

The Greeks should make a break from the EZ, while they still can.

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