Saturday, June 2, 2012

HOT: Republican Party May Block Massive Ron Paul Event in Tampa

Ron Paul supporters are now organizing a massive event on the eve of the RNC to celebrate their ideas and Paul’s 77th birthday.

Not just a political rally, Paul Festival will be three days of music, entertainment and activism featuring nationally-known musicians, comedians and other entertainers.

Paul’s supporters are attempting to secure the Florida State Fairgrounds, where they expect an estimated 40,000 people per day to attend. The Republican Party is trying to block them, reports the Washington Times.

Reports Thomas Mullen at WT:
The RNC has first dibs on virtually every venue in Tampa during the week of the convention. In order to secure the fairgrounds, Liberty Unleashed, the nonprofit group incorporated in Florida by Paul supporters, can only sign a contract for the fairgrounds with the agreement of the RNC Committee on Arrangements (COA).

It was reported locally in Tampa on May 23rd that both Paul Festival organizer Deborah Robinet and fairgrounds director of sales and marketing Terry Parnell expected to sign a contract that week. However, Robinet told supporters in an e-mail last night that the RNC “had blocked our attempt.”

According to the e-mail, Liberty Unleashed was told that the RNC has “other requests for the fairgrounds that we need to evaluate’ and ‘no, this isn't first-come-first-served. Your event is not approved and it may take two more weeks."...

This is the kind of enthusiasm that the party’s nominee is supposed to generate, but it’s non-existent for Romney. Despite his primary successes, he’s hasn’t even been able to get his delegates seated in many states where he won the primary by a wide margin. It’s no secret that there is a strong anti-Romney undercurrent among traditional conservatives.

Certainly, no one will be organizing a “Romney Festival” anytime soon.

This puts the party in a difficult position. If they strong arm the Paul supporters by blocking their event, they risk losing their votes. If they acquiesce to allowing the event, their spin doctors will have to work overtime to keep the RNC from looking like an afterthought following a festival for the other guy ten times as large.

Whatever they decide, the 2012 RNC will not follow the usual script. The Ron Paul people just cannot seem to remember their lines.

But it’s going to be fun


  1. How did the RNC get first dibs on every venue in Tampa? Are they paying for any unused venues? Someone's going to lose money not renting it out Liberty Unleashed. Great PR for them. Tell them to bring it on!

    1. Yes, that is what both parties do. Its done specifically to block someone from upstaging their big events.

  2. I hope it exposes the machinations of the RNC. It does portend an enjoyable spectacle.

  3. Last time I checked, Mr Paul belonged to this party, which some of his fans, who resemble some fanatical hippie commune more than the respectable and reasonable people who form the bulk of the GOP voters and supporters, somehow keep failing to notice. Organizing this festival is, basically, trying to steal the show and undermine the candidacy of a consensual candidate (that this consensus excludes the insignificant ronpaulite minority is only their problem) who actually stands a good chance of beating Obama (which some of us, even if we might not be overwhelmed by Mr Romney dare to wish and consider important) to promote a candidate clearly defeated in the primaries, who couldn't successfully run for governor in any of the states, and much less for the president of the US. I certainly hope this unethical attempt is thwarted and, on the second thought, maybe it's time you guys stopped hiding behind the GOP and trying to compensate the lack of real support by this kind of shenanigans, why don't you get a party of your own to sabotage, I think even Mr Paul, who has some flaws, but duplicity certainly isn't one of them, is getting tired of this kind of supporters, not to mention the rest of us...

    1. Keep wetting the bed, sir, in the meantime the market of ideas will continue to thrive on competition.

      I'm sure that this "insignificant" event will completely fail to undermine your fascist candidate.

    2. Despite all your free market rhetorics, which appears to be just an empty ornament attached to an extremist, pseudo-moralist core, you guys really seem to have a lot more in common with commies than with real free market supporters, including calling anybody who doesn't agree with your crackpot ideas a "fascist" :)) And, as to your wacko festival, fortunately, dirty tricks have a way of backfiring on those dumb and base enough to resort to them... :))

    3. "fortunately, dirty tricks have a way of backfiring on those dumb and base enough to resort to them... :))" Exactly, massive voter fraud, and disgusting abuse of a large amount of GOP voters coming back on the RNC. It is obvious from your post you have been drinking the MSM Kool Aid for way to long. Romney is not the nominee, he couldn't even fill up a high school gym for God's sake. NO ONE wants Romney, and the Establishment wants more Obama. Why else would they give us someone that no actual conservative can get behind?

  4. It's either insignificant minority (in which case it is insignificant what events they hold) or they are a clear and present danger to GOP status quo, in which case a defender of said status would clamour for their efforts to "steal the show" to be blocked.

    There's a name for this affliction, Mr Speaker-for-yourself, and the name is "doublethink". Look it up.

  5. Here's what's funny, if the GOP lets Ron Paul supporters have the venue, they will get 40,000 per day. If they block it they will get 2+ million in the streets... It's a now a no win situation for the Good Old (boy) Party.

    The GOP and the Democratic Party are dinosaurs - extinct, but unaware of it. This country is about to rise up an say in unison, "What is there about NO!!! that you don't understand?" Romney is a joke - the President is not even eligible to be President.

    We are not Republicans or Democrats, WE ARE AMERICANS! Time to act like one.