Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Hottest Area in Finance

As a follow up to my post, How Do I Get a Job on Wall Street?Iris Mack emails, from Singapore where she is on a speaking gig:
The hottest area in the finance industry is Energy Trading, Risk Management and Derivatives.

There are tons of openings - esp. due to advances in FRACKING technology and discovery of oil shale in the Americas.

This is what I will be lecturing on next week in NYC

Also, here is a bit more info - from my course notes for next week..

Many of these jobs are not necessarily in NYC. Tons in Houston, North Dakota, S. America.

So, it depends on if folks are mobile and open to living in other places - which are oft times friendlier than NYC and a much lower cost of living.

Oil Boom in the Americas Shifts Energy Geopolitics
from Canada to the United States to Colombia to Brazil …
Existence of oil shale in the Americas
Advances in fracking technology
Boom generating lots of energy jobs
High Frequency Trading in energy markets


  1. I agree with Iris Mack, as I said in the other post at 1:54 PM.

    Attendant to the shale gas boom is the natural gas fired electric generation boom. As I said before, don't over look the electric power markets, particularly since it involves locales throughout the entire country.

  2. I work for a small consulting company in Houston (~150 consultants). Our largest practice area, by far, is Energy Trading and Risk Management. We specialize in implementing software systems that energy companies use for ETRM, such as OpenLink, Allegro, Sungard, Triple Point, and many others.

    Our company has been thriving, especially in the last 2-3 years. It seems like every other day there is a new hire announcement. I couldn't say for sure if it is related to FRACKING and oil shale, but I can tell you that there is plenty of ETRM work out there.

  3. I agree with Iris Mack, which place have lower cost of living compare with NYC.