Thursday, June 28, 2012

How You Can Find Out How Obamacare Will Impact You

Read the Act. You will be the first to do so.

The House version of the Obamacare bill was 1990 pages. There is no one in the world that knows every detail of this or the final Act that is now law, given that in addition to it being 1990 pages, it is also written in legalese that can often be interpreted in different ways. If Justice Roberts can take the individual mandate of Obamacare and call it a constitutional tax, can you imagine how D.C. lawyers and lobbyists will be able to spin, on behalf of their client, paragraphs in this obese document. Bottom line: You are screwed, very screwed.


  1. Think about this. The bill caps premiums for about 70% of the population (family taxable incomes of $78k). For those in the 70%, they will care less if premiums triple and a family plan goes from $20k today to $60k tomorrow. It will not impact them at all since the government will pick up the difference. Now if you are in the 30% that has no premium protection, you will either need to pay the $60k, which for most is impossible or drop coverage and pay the fine. As premiums rise, this group will have a huge economic incentive to drop coverage and then buy it when its absolutely needed. The new uninsured by choice will be this group, which are also the group the government needs most to help offset the cost of healthcare.

    What makes this problem even worse is that the insurance companies will be pushed to a model that rewards them for spending money on healthcare, and since the margins are fixed, you can bet that they are going to do everything they can to gross up their total healthcare spend as that will be the only way to grow profits. Even better, with 70% of the population on assistance, they have a solid revenue sources that has little to no concern about fiscal management since its not their money.

    This bill is so recklessly crafted that it has the ability to destroy the economy even before the healthcare grand dame medicare does.

    1. This bill is so recklessly crafted that it has the ability to destroy the economy even before the healthcare grand dame medicare does.

      I wouldn't use the word "reckless." It was carefully crafted to make single payer look good.

  2. Obamacare is just another large nail in the fiscal coffin.

    But it is the Supreme Court ruling that is the epitome of what ails us as a nation. That the Supreme Court could rule that such a law is in any way constitutional is an abomination of the spirit of the Constitution. Any idiot knows that, and for the top lawyers in that nation to take it seriously means we are caught up reading our own tea leaves.

    Societies and markets work best on simple, clear rules, allowing our strategy and psychology to become complex. We are not just wringing the Constitution inside out until it gains the opposite of its intention when we divine subtle meanings in the legalese. We are robbing the nation of a philosophical discussion which it deserves to have, and which changing the Constitution was meant to do.

    Collapse just became scenario #1 within the next 30 years. There is no practical way to rein in the federal government and allow markets to drive down cost in banking, education SS or health care. They will bankrupt us all as they have already done in Europe.

  3. I conclude the same. I think this will finish off the economy in maybe a few years. People will blame capitalism, free markets and deregulation.

  4. Government involvement in health care like this is why many intelligent and gifted people choose to go to law school instead of medical school. If you had to choose one or the other based off economic incentives, which would you choose?

  5. cant i just withdraw my consent and break the chain of obediance? just a question.

  6. boetie, there's a fella from long ago, Basat or something, he writes, behold if we withdraw our consent he crumbles,... or something like that.

    So maybe the answer is, yes,... if everyone else does too.

    Which they eventually will?