Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is Rand Paul Being Groomed to be the Next Ronald Reagan?

That is as a phony small government man (See: Ronald Reagan:An Autopsy)

Bionic Mosquito makes the case, here.


  1. Although I admire the Bionic Mosquito, I feel he is smoking the curtains on this deal. This makes for good winter reading by the fire, not the summer fire of discontent. His thesis does not inspire me to the Regan/Rand paradigm. I'll finish my scotch now, thank you.

  2. And this is why libertarians will never go anywhere . . . too busy worried about the perceived evils of Rand Paul. I mean, seriously? They are so busy purging their ranks of the "impure" that they fail to recognize they are turning on perhaps the most viable small-government politician in the country. What a shame.

    1. Perceived? It's only right under your nose you idiot.

      Yeah..."impure". Yes, who gives a shit if he's endorsed and is now campaigning for a warmongering sociopath just so long as he pretends to be for freedom right? Listen idiot....You cannot have it BOTH WAYS. Either you're inside the beltway or you're not. Ge that through your thick skull!

    2. Shhh....

      Be Cool, Be Nice....
      You disagree, fine, but no need to get nasty...

    3. Yawn...

      You and other Rand-cheerleaders apparently refuse to get it.

      We DON'T trust Rand Paul on being a small-government politician anymore, viable or otherwise. Don't just judge people on the basis of what they say when you like the sound, or on the basis of blind faith, but on the basis of everything including what they do.
      People like you seem to have no problem accepting his vote for sanctions against Iran, or his endorsement of fascists like Romney, because of some baseless assumptions that it is just a "tactic" for the long-term benefit of liberty.

      I've written it before, there is virtually no empirical evidence of politicians deceiving or manipulating other politicians for the benefit of liberty, while there is PLENTY of empirical evidence of politicians deceiving or manipulating the PUBLIC for the benefit of the state or their own careers. Your faith in Rand Paul is based on a pipedream of him being some kind of exception to overwhelming historical precedent of politicians being snake-oil salesmen.

      Ron Paul, his dad, lost the race, and Romney won. Rand immediately jumped on his meal ticket. He acted like a typical Republican apparatchik in trying to closing the Republican ranks because god forbid a Democrat wins the race, as if WE are supposed to care.

      Do you mind if people with principle refuse to have the wool pulled over their eyes and play this filthy, a-typical political game? We ARE NOT REPUBLICANS. We don't give a shit about the damn Republican party. We don't care whether Romney or Obama wins. We see no difference. Rand obviously does. Rand is not one of us, as evident by his actions and words.

      Purging has nothing to do with it. You are either reliable and trustworthy, or you aren't. Unlike you, we don't put politics over principles, honesty and truth. We didn't "oust" Rand from the 'movement'. He rejected what the 'movement' stands for by his own free will in word and deed, the moment he decided to endorse a filthy warmonger and police state proponent who, if he wins, will have blood soaked hands that may even make Bush look like Mother Theresa. Rand will NOT be able to retract his endorsement once that becomes obvious, because he and everyone in America knows exactly what Romney's views on foreign policy and national security are.

      So stop whining about us treating people like Rand the way they ought to be treated... like a typical opportunistic politician who doesn't mind a dead Arab corpse or two for the benefit of his own career.
      And no, getting congressional approval first does not change one iota about that. Gang rape doesn't become acceptable either when you get approval from a majority of gang rapists.

    4. Couldn't have said it any better!

  3. I am a common fat man who hung around A students and always won. Yes they got the straight A's and I worked twice as hard to get B's because I missed two less answerers on tests. I also played football, was under sized and made All-League twice. Why did I win consistantly you idiots? Strategy! Wake up purists!

    At everything else from Chess to Risk to whatever I beat the smart-a$$es Their smarts, their moral purity got them nothing at getting ahead which has been the history of Libertarianism. We would all be Libertarians if it were for Libertarians.

    If Rand turns out to be the same old thing then so be it. So the F what, like we haven't seen that a million times. BUT sometimes to win the game you must be a freaking chameleon. G-dam, haven't you ever played poker or are you being the same as the Evangelical Christians? Exactly, our way or highway or go to hell? Stop dividing!!!! Unite!!!

    I understand but time to change the strategy so we can get on the inside and the out.


    Bash away

    1. Wow... Impressive. Did winning football games enable you to convince the people you defeated to change their world views? Did they allow you to change the rules of the game of football?
      Otherwise, what point are you trying to make? This isn't just about winning a damn election with strategy. It is about successfully shrinking the state, which you need national support for.

      30 years of a Libertarian Party with candidates willing to compromise and play ball have achieved WHAT?

      200+ years of electoral politics in an America that started small and has a constitution and bill of rights has turned the country into WHAT?

      Rand Paul (as opposed to Ron Paul) has converted how many statist conservatives into WHAT?

      You win the game to achieve WHAT? On the basis of which evidence about Rand Paul being a master-strategist rather than a run-of-the-mill career politician?

      As long as the majority would vote for Rand (since that is the 'strategy') to become president so he can be a proper statist Republican, there is no way in hell he would ever get support enough, much less get away with shrinking the state as a president, EVEN if he were the Brilliant Small Government Man Infiltrating the Evil System to Destroy It From Within.

      Inflitrate the mafia pretending to be a vicious enforcer (otherwise you would never even get in), and then try to destroy it from within as a reformer. See what happens to you. You get your knees broken. Why would any of the mobsters agree with you on anything? What is this stupid idea of Rand pretending to be Person A and winning elections, and then getting away with actually being person B and shrinking the state against the will of the majority and the entire political apparatus?

      People really need to start thinking. There is no political "strategy".
      The only thing that will ever work is convincing people why liberty and peace are the way the go, so that will be what they vote for. THAT is the strategy.
      If it doesn't work in our lifetime, then it doesn't.
      Voting for people like Rand will only grow the state, just like voting for Reagan only grew the state.

    2. "I am a common fat man who hung around A students and always won. Yes they got the straight A's and I worked twice as hard to get B's because I missed two less answerers on tests. I also played football, was under sized and made All-League twice. Why did I win consistantly you idiots? Strategy! Wake up purists!"

      Moron...Are your high school grades supposed to impress me?

      This is not a football game in case you didn't notice. Do you really need this explained to you?

  4. Once you join them what's the point? Power corrupts, it's part of the human condition. Politics is the problem. The worst will always "win".

  5. Tony absolutely crushed the anonymous common fat man. To put it another way, Tony played the role of the Fridge in Super Bowl XX and the common fat man depicted the Patriots linebacker, Larry McGrew, on the touchdown scored by the truly uncommon fat man, Mr. Perry.