Thursday, June 21, 2012

Italy Turning Anti-Euro

Good for Italy.

Nouriel Roubini tweets:
In Italy Berlusconi/his party is anti-euro; the Lega Nord has always been anti-euro & popular new Movimento 5 Stelle of Grillo is anti-Euro.
The euro is a bankster dream, that is a nightmare for those forced to live in the high tax, heavily regulated eurozone that is getting more taxed and more centrally planned.

Do the Greek, Italian or German people really need any of this bankster micro-control?

They should ditch the euro and the bankster puppet politicians that push them further on the road to serfdom.


  1. It is going to be pretty scary when the politicians find even greater power and turn heavily on banksters. The bank control is the only thing steering the ship given political opinion of the people and structure on the governments (don't get me wrong still sinking it however at a slower pace). I see angry people following rhetorical prophetic politicians with the idea they are more able to save the situation over banksters by usurping such pawns with a fresh batch with even more centralist ideas... Wish they would rather trust themselves with a free market and limited government. OLD BANKSTERS MAY BE REDUCED TO STATEGOATS and martyrs

  2. With less than a year before the next general election, Italy faces the prospect of at least two large parties running on an anti-euro ticket.

  3. New to this blog, but read the article on the libertarian defense of the euro. Why abandon the euro when it exposes the problems inherent in inflationary monetary policy?