Thursday, June 28, 2012

Justice Ginsberg Correctly Points Out That Romney Put the Country on the Road to Obamacare

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's opinion, which partially concurred with Roberts majority opinion and partially dissented, wrote (via Mother Jones):
By requiring most residents to obtain insurance, see Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 111M, §2 (West 2011), the Commonwealth ensured that insurers would not be left with only the sick as customers. As a result, federal lawmakers observed, Massachusetts succeeded where other States had failed.  See Brief for Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Amicus Curiae in No. 11–398, p. 3 (not­ing that the Commonwealth’s reforms reduced the number of uninsured residents to less than 2%, the lowest rate in the Nation, and cut the amount of uncompensated care by a third); 42 U. S. C. §18091(2)(D) (2006 ed., Supp. IV) (noting the success of Massachusetts’ reforms). In cou­pling the minimum coverage provision with guaranteed­ issue and community-rating prescriptions, Congress followed Massachusetts' lead.
It's questionable how successful Romneycare will be beyond forcing everyone into government centrally planned insurance programs, but she is correct that Obamacare followed the Romneycare blueprint. Once again highlighting the fact that there is very little difference between Romney and Obama.

It's going to be a very easy year to sit out the election.  


  1. A little off-subject, but:

    OK, So now I need to purchase health insurance by law. I live out of the country. I have NO U.S. residency. As I understand it, health insurance is only available within one's home state.
    So, tell me, how can I POSSIBLY comply with this idiotic, evil law???

    1. Actually, there is an explicit exemption for people who live outside the country.

      It's still idiotic and evil, but you can comply ;-)

    2. JOY!!!!! :)