Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Koch Brothers-Cato to Settle; Crane to Leave

The Cato Institute and Charles and David Koch are set to settle their legal dispute over control of the libertarian think tank, reports National Journal.

Ed Crane will leave Cato.

Lew Rockwell adds:

But let me amend Ed's laughable announcement. He is out by Labor Day. The interim CEO, John Allison, will conduct a nationwide search for a new president. Ed is agreeing to his defenestration to avoid a much more serious investigation into events at Cato involving him and a startling number of employees.


  1. Does this mean that "love is the Drug" is still just a song by Roxy Music ?
    Does this mean "that what happens at Cato, stays at Cato" ?

  2. Lew Rockwell for Cato prez!

  3. $10 says Lew is totally wrong about the Labor Day date. His Cato "sources" have been feeding him misinformation for years.

  4. So much for the unexploded bombshell. Watch out for anyone leaving with or around the same time as Crane. Anyone involved would definitely leave.

  5. John Allison, if they're talking about BB&T's former CEO, is awesome. Too bad he could't be permanent President.