Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ron Paul Interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. This is why I support Ron Paul. Exactly how I feel:

    Wolf: Are you ready to endorse Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential candidate?

    RP: No Way

    Wolf: Why not

    RP: Well, what's he going to achieve?

    Exactly. Well put Congressman.

  2. Gee Wolf,
    What part of "No Way", don't you get?

  3. "Your son, Senator Rand Paul, has endorsed Romney. I take it you're not yet ready, yourself, to endorse Romney, are you?"

    "No" ::grins:: "I'm not ready" ::can't hold back laugh::

    "You're not ready?"

    "No way." ::still grinning childishly like he's heard a dirty joke he's not supposed to laugh at::

  4. For Dr. Paul a faint "no way" is more resolute and non-negotiable as a blusterous and loud "no way" from Romney, Santorum, Obama or even Rand, all of whom are nuanced and regularly dwell in the "wiggle room". Tell me, who would you want at an international negotiating table advocating for you?

  5. Swapped at birth? Or just didn't get what both parents do?

  6. One believes in being true to principle, the other believes in being true to party. We don't need Rand. I'm all for a large portion of the legislation that Rand has brought to the floor but, we're way passed politics as usual. The precipice is very close and dramatic action is the only solution if we're to put right the things in this country that are wrong.

    Romney or Obama is an exercise in futility. Got Gold? The real bumps are just over the horizon.

  7. Its just refreshing to hear Ron Paul say "no way" and not the usual double speak, rope a dope nonsense we get from his brand X competitors.

  8. The anonymous poster who kept claiming Ron Paul had sold out sure looks pretty stupid now. Yeah, I am sure the GOP secret sell out deal for Ron Paul involves Paul literally laughing when asked about endorsing Romney and saying "no way."

    That is the perfect way to get the Ron paul voters for Romney! LOL

  9. What a weaselly sack of shit, I'm so glad I'm not in a habit of watching TV. "You're not yet ready yourself to endorse Romney, are you?" "Gee, I don't know Wolf, are you ready yourself to admit that you bugger young boys regularly?"

    Why not just come out and say it, it's all rigged, we all know it, this is all for show and to give the proles something to fight over among themselves so they don't look up.