Sunday, June 10, 2012

LBJ's Great Grandkids in Shoot Out Near Mises Institute

Time reports:
Several people were shot at an apartment complex near Auburn University in Alabama when a fight broke out during a pool party, authorities and a witness said.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson told the Opelika-Auburn News that police were called Saturday night. He did not say who was shot or discuss their conditions.

Turquorius Vines, 23, said he was at the pool party Saturday evening at the University Heights apartments with one of his friends. He said he and his friend were approached by two other men who started arguing with them over a woman.
Vines said he punched one of the men, while his friend hit both of the men over the head with a bottle. Either one or both of the two men then started shooting, he said. He said his friend was shot and killed, while two others also were hit by gunfire. Vines said he had never before seen the men who he had been arguing with.
Mises Institute sits adjacent to the Auburn University campus.

It should be noted that AU is a government supported institution, meaning many of LBJ's great grandkids attend with little interest in real education. It is absurd to think such a situation could occur at the private Mises Institute, where those attending, actually do so to become better educated.


  1. The two killed were AU football players (Turquorious!). Auburn is 86% white and is known for it's agricultural and engineering programs.

    1. And now for killing football players.