Thursday, June 14, 2012

Major Chicago Hospital Warns Employees after LBJ's Great Grand Kids Attacks

In two separate incidents on different days, doctors have been attacked outside Northwesten hospital in the Streeterville section of Chicago. Roaming gangs of LBJ's great grand kids are the likely attackers.

The Streeterville section of Chicago is a high rent district just off Chicago's Michigan Ave shopping district. Many of Chicago's top traders and financial analysts live in the area.


  1. I like how the news will only describe the attackers as "multiple young people." L.O.L. For the safety of others, could these sniveling sheep at least report the witness accounts of what these people look like?

    Look, I know this culture is too far gone to expect these reporters to do actual journalism and investigate the elephant in the living room - how people are supposed to defend themselves without firearms (which is why today feels so much like the Twilight Zone). But surely they could slip in what these people look like?

  2. Doctors are the 1%. So they are considered to be fair prey by Obama's electorate.

  3. How stupid to attack doctors who are relatively useful in society. One day one or more of these "multiple young people" will seek medical attention and be disappointed they're too busy recuperating.

  4. Such attacks would be rare if the streets were private.
    Just like the isles in Walmart are private.
    On the privatization of streets read Walter Block.

  5. Were the doctors who were attacked white or non-white? Sounds like they were male.

  6. Right to carry would take care of the issue.