Sunday, June 10, 2012

MF Global's Jon Corzine, Disastrous Gambler or Pathological Criminal?

The PEU Report has found evidence it may be the latter:
The Bankruptcy Trustee's Investigation Report alludes to fraudulent valuations... MF Global consistently priced above industry prices for repo and reverse repo transactions... Jon Corzine, disastrous gambler or pathological criminal?
Full details here.


  1. This Jon Corzine, is a criminal, scumbag. People are arrested for a joint or a roach on them and get the book thrown at them. Steal money by the bank load as an elite carpetbagger and you walk. Same shit, just different leach.

  2. Why can't he be both? Either way, he's a criminal, that seems pretty obvious anyway.

  3. Clearly not an "either or" situation. His hubris nearly cost him his life when his trooper-driven state vehicle was wrecked. Race car drivers don't "buckle up" because it is the law. As for MF Global: the fact that he has not yet been charged shows the depth of his impunity.