Friday, June 15, 2012

More on the Charles Ogletree Speech

I found it interesting that after Charles Ogletree finished his speech that the moderator got back up to the lectern and thanked George Soros, by name, and his Open Society organization, for making the event possible. The evil bastard is everywhere.

During his speech Ogletree told this story, which was very funny, but also a curious story to tell to an all black audience (except for me).

He said that in the 1980's he had a chance to go to Africa. He flew across from California to New York City. After hooking up with others in NYC that were headed on the trip, he said that the group refused to fly to Africa with white pilots. They ended up flying Air India. The audience laughed.

He then said that the plane hit severe turbulence. Since most on board were not experienced flyers, many became panic stricken and started looking on the plane for white pilots.

A lot more laughter.

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