Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mrs. Ron Paul on Ron and Rand

Rand's mother says Rand hasn't done anything wrong, but Rand hasn't called her about the endorsement, yet, to explain.

At 1:55 in the clip it does sound as though Mrs. Paul, through silence, doesn't expect Rand will be bringing the troops home any time soon, as the interviewer suggests might happen.



  1. Wow, just like a mom, deluded by her child's actions. How much worse Ron must feel. He's been pretty quiet about this. Silence = concurrence.

    1. I don't know if you can say its concurrence. I certainly do not envy being in Ron Paul's shoes right now. It would be very painful.

      Mrs. Paul is reacting as any loving mother would. I guess I can't blame her but wouldn't it be better to respectfully admonish her son Rand for doing would appears to be very obviously wrong? Very sad.

  2. I can appreciate a mother wanting to protect her children. I'm a mother. But it doesn't change the way I feel about Rand. If anything I don't think her blind defensiveness to her son's actions, will achieve anything beneficial in re-establishing what some now feel to have compromised his integrity. I also got the impression that she equates the blowback towards her son to be likewise directed towards Ron. Maybe with some people, but not with me. Personally, I think her speaking out on her son's behalf was unwise though understandable from an emotional mother's perspective. I don't think Ron Paul's silence by any means equals concurrence with either what his son did or his wife says. I think Ron Paul is wisely keeping his mouth shut that has nothing whatsoever to do with political reasons. From purely a woman's perspective, I think the mother has done more damage in dimishing her son's status as a man. If he's the man she claims him to be, then she should have let him stand on his own two feet. It is not her word about his politics, or her judgment of him as a man, that matters to me. It is his actions and his alone. In the end, I hope more people will come to think with their heads and not emotional appeals.