Thursday, June 14, 2012

Newly Released Video: Rothbard on Mises

From the description (Via Daniel Sanchez):
In this never-before-seen video, Rothbard gives a tribute to his mentor in Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises, at a Libertarian Party convention in Pennsylvania in 1984. Rothbard discusses Mises’s work and life, and the growing popularization of his ideas in the United States.

Download an .mp3 version of this lecture here:

Please note: The audio cuts out for a few seconds at the three-minute mark due to the age of the original tape


  1. Great find, whoever is responsible for this. I love when new Rothbard material comes out.

    I was happy to see War Collectivism get its own book at the Mises store, but was bummed to hear that there are no more Rothbard reissues in the works.

    I guess he's written enough for me to tide myself over with for the next few decades anyways. I just like when I have a new physical book to display on the shelf!

  2. "Counterfeiters do something serious... they're interfering with the government's monopoly of counterfeiting." - Murray N. Rothbard @ 40:41 in the video