Thursday, June 14, 2012

OMG, Geithner Once Proposed Hillary Clinton for Treasury Secretary

Reports WaPo:

In the spring of last year, Timothy F. Geithner wanted to leave his job. The Treasury secretary’s family was moving to New York for his son’s senior year in high school, and the commute to see them each weekend was sure to be arduous. 
Who could do his job? Geithner’s answer was Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton... 
[Then Chief of Staff Bill]Daley called a few trusted eminences on Wall Street, sounding them out on the personnel switch. Their response was resoundingly positive, both officials said. She had never been a banker, but as a senator from New York, Clinton had cultivated many relationships within the financial sector. Some of them had been longing for the kind of attention they had received from her and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, but rarely got from Obama.

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