Friday, June 1, 2012

The Robert Wenzel Show is Baaaacckkk

Yes, the Show is back.

The first show is a blockbuster. Trust me you won't want to miss it. I interview Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Just how libertarian is he? Who inspired his views on liberty? You will have a completely different view of him after listening to this interview, guaranteed.

If you are a hardcore libertarian, your hot button will be hit two minutes into the show and it won't stop going off.

Is Gary Johnson a strong Libertarian candidate? You will have the answers after this show.

The interview will be up Sunday morning at 7:00 AM ET.


  1. Rarely do advertising spots "get me", you got me with yours.

  2. You've certainly piqued my interest. Given that the interview is already done, why wait until Sunday to post it?

  3. If he cites Rothbard as an influence, I'll consider voting for him.

  4. If you ever need an awesome sidekick or program director, you know who to call. LOL

    It's awesome to hear that the show is back. I was beginning to worry.

  5. It's about damn time! Thought you'd ditched the show altogether.

  6. YES! Finally! Sounds like it will be worth the wait. Hope the show is back to stay.