Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Signs of China Crashing

I was among the first warning about problems developing in China's economy. I even asked the bastard, war criminal, Henry Kissinger about it, when I ran into him last year. The data coming out are now making it pretty obvious that the Chinese economy is in decline. However, I suspect few realize how bad the downturn in China will be.

A large part of Chinese "growth" was centrally planned make work projects for which there is no consumer demand. They were vanity projects of local Chinese officials. This was all financed with massive central bank money printing. This will all crash. There are pockets of free market operations in China, but not enough.

Businessweek has some informative charts on China's declining economy, though BW is only classifying the downturn as a "slowdown":


  1. You weren't among the first. But you timed your call very well, which is better.

  2. Wentzel: What war did Kissinger start? Hell, JFK started the Vietnam war. I guess next you will be lugubriously moaning the Limbaugh venom? If you are a libereal just keep the B/S out and deal with investments.

    1. What war did you volunteer to fight in?

    2. JFK was going to end our involvement in Vietnam after his reelection.There was a Presidential order to that effect,obviously not followed by the fool LBJ.

  3. Thanks for calling bastard war criminal Kissinger a bastard war criminal. Males me respect you even more when you unflinchingly call a spade a spade. Although, after the Fed speech, you have my undying respect.

    Ignore the guy above. Hey, I like to work "lugubrious" into my speech as much as the next guy, but how does one "lugubriously moan venom?" I usually reserve the word for references to Gustav Mahler's music.

    Man, could that dude moan some venom, musically speaking.

  4. Hell, China could have a slowdown, but considering that they own
    most of our, the U.S.A.'s large cap domestic content, it can't
    be that bad? America would have to pull back half of our domestic
    content to really hurt China, and was not it trade shortage
    that pulled Japan into World War Two? Let's not get to Rush
    Limbaugh-ish in our analysis of global events!

  5. I like your analysis, no matter how irrational it is, because you was among the first warning about problems developing in China's economy. I also like your thoery that China has no domestic economy because everyone in this world knows China is the largest importer.(Sorry I happen to forget what China imports from other countries.)