Monday, June 18, 2012

There Are No Rules for the Power Elite

Many years ago, I tried to get some outside food into an event at the New York Hilton. The unions wouldn't allow it. I'm a pusher and managed to get on the phone with the then-chairman of the Hilton Hotels, Barron Hilton. Still no go--and I pushed him hard.

That's why this news from the PEU Report caught my eye, the combination of two elitists, Warren Buffet and Carlyle head David Rubinstein can get things done most of us can't:
Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein loves the art of the get in obtaining speakers for the Economic Club of Washington's 25th Anniversary celebration.  Who knew it would be a contraband supply of Cherry Cokes?  That's what Rubenstein got Warren Buffet for his talk on June 5th, according to WaPo.
I'm impressed.

According to WaPo, at the event:
 Buffett, 81, sat between former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt and attorney and former Economic Club President Vernon Jordan at the main table. Others at the table included MicroStrategy Chairman Michael J. Saylor, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, PricewaterhouseCoopers Washington region Managing Partner Chris Simmons, Smithsonian Institution Secretary Wayne Clough, Marriott International chief executive Arne M. Sorenson, Economic Club President David M. Rubenstein (co-founder of The Carlyle Group) and Rubenstein’s wife, Alice, among others.


  1. We regular folks may well tip the union people better than Buffet and Rubenstein too. God forbid the customer arranges what is possible to do. I love the rich when they advance society through peaceful means. I can't stand them when they buy political power. Down with the REAL 1 percent!

  2. Are the hotels used by the Bilderberg meetings unionized?