Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Are the Rothschilds and Rockefellers Up To?

A fascinating analysis from Silver Shield.



  1. I used to feel more hostile toward the "bankers." But then I had the epiphany that the State is the power structure. It doesn't really matter who pulls the strings. It's the State that's taking money out of my paycheck. It's the State that is starting wars. It's the State's central bank debasing our currency. It's the State that is out of control. Is it Rockefeller's fault that we have an immense welfare state? An enormous bureaucracy? Focusing on bankers takes attention away from the real problem, which is an out-of-control government.

  2. What a lot of non sequiturs.

    Something to think about, for a 'Godfather'. oligarch etc trying to drive back the masses in a new financial order it is worth noting any mom or pop can buy Rothschild's investment trust for as less than 12 pounds (the cost of one share).

  3. @Deft...

    While it is true that our "gimmie-mint" (as in "mine. all mine. GIMMIE!" like a 3 yr old) is completely out of control, you miss a very important point about the actual controllers of the gimmie-mint.

    Bankers and other corporate entities are in control of that government. I do not believe you can focus only on one side of the equation and hope to have a reasonable outcome.

    I think you have to find a way to curb the power the bankers wield over the government while simultaneously bringing the leviathan to heel. Tough order for sure. If I were only going to work on one side of that power equation, I'd worry about curbing the corporate money used to buy government compliance. Then you can actually attack the out of control side of the equation.