Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Mitt Romney is Likely to do to Obamacare during a Romney Administration

Lew Rockwell has a prediction:
The social nationalist author of Romneycare will not repeal Obamacare, since both were written in large part by Big Pharma, and the drug companies are at least as close to the Repubs as they are to the Dems. Oh, some changes will be made, but only to maximize payoffs.

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  1. I'd say it's one of the most depressing posts I've ever read by Lew, and let me tell you why. It shows how definite and out in the open the collusion of big money and government is, and that the two party system is a total lie. There is just one party in control, and even though these facts are not obscured in the slightest, the state is so cocky because it knows that the people will buy into its narrative. The fact that the general public has been so duped and continually is is one of the most depressing facts I will ever have to face in my life.