Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Is It Justified to Own Your Own Nuclear Weapon?

Brace yourself, my guest this Sunday on the Robert Wenzel Show is economist and libertarian scholar Walter Block.

If you are not a hardcore libertarian, you will be thinking twice, perhaps three times at some of Professor Block's positions.

After a debate over Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney, Dr Block and I move onto to discuss his brilliant new book, Yes to Ron Paul and Liberty.

As part of the discussion, Dr. Block explains whether it is ever legitimate in a libertarian society for an individual to own a nuclear bomb. Dr. Block also calls for Nuremberg-type trials of Federal Reserve employees.  We discuss Thomas Sowell. Cato. The libertarian solution to air pollution. And much, much more.

The show will be posted here on EPJ before 7:00 AM ET Sunday.


  1. I can be a libertarian, an anti-statist, and I can be in favor of myself using force to stop others from possessing nuclear weapons, on the basis that nuclear weapons are inherently anti-libertarian weapons as they are designed to kill indiscriminately.

    1. Technically, this could be said of all weapons, as they don't aim themselves and thus have no "designated" targets, ie, they target and kill indiscriminately.

  2. Can't wait! I love Dr. Block!

  3. Justified when you can afford to buy one.

  4. Why do I need to justify it?
    It's a hobby! It's just fun.

  5. Hope to see a button on the main page that will take one to a list of all the RW Shows.

  6. Ownership of a nuclear device and use of it are two very different things. It seems quite useful to own a nuclear device because the amount of outside force used on those owning them are greatly reduced.

    Using it would seem outside NAP protocols.

  7. As Anon @2:39 intimated, no law, justification, or anything else maters. The ownership of nuclear weapons is economic. There will come a time, when it is economically feasible for individuals to create nuclear weapons. At that point in time, nothing will stop it.

    Hopefully, someone else will have developed a way to defend against them.

  8. Owning a nuclear device is always justified in my opinion. However, I do not see any justification for the actual use of nuclear weapons, because its purpose is the mass-murder of populations, most of whom will die for non-defense purposes (i.e. they did no harm to the bomber).