Saturday, June 23, 2012

Young People are on the Losing End of the State

By Nick Sorrentino

If you’re over 50, from a purely self serving perspective it might make sense to be for more government. Right now the vault doors are open. Might as well take as much as one can while one can.

And younger people are letting, or at least have let, baby boomers do it. Young people helped get president Obama elected. (Though what were they to do, vote for the nearly as bad McCain?)

And at least some of these young people (though thankfully it looks like it will be much fewer this time around) will still support Obama and his statist policies in the next election. Basically they are committing fiscal suicide by supporting those who would expand the state.

Medicare, Social Security, public employee pensions, and a million other expenditures for the baby boomers will be paid for by the younger (and much smaller) next generation. We can not afford the state as it is. It will break us.

But God forbid we suggest cutting these expenditures. The boomers turn out and crush any politician who suggests it. I actually believe that this is the second biggest reason why older Republicans didn’t support Ron Paul. Despite calling themselves “conservatives” many older Republicans still want “what they have coming.”...

Young people are on the losing end of the state, and they had better wake up.

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  1. This is the reason for declining birth rates among all these nations. Young people are under financial attack and are choosing to avoid reproduction because of the increased cost.

    1. Well those with half a brain are choosing not to have kids.

      So far I know three people near my age, who have kids, and shouldn't have. *Sighs* Dumb asses.

      It's depressing that my generation.. people in their twenties, the vast majority are just nitwits when it comes to whats really important in life. I blame public(government) schooling. :D