Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brad DeLong has Better Taste in Music than Paul Krugman

Posted by Brad DeLong:

Posted by Paul Krugman (and this is much better than most of the music he posts)

Here's a better George Benson, than the one posted by DeLong:


  1. I knew something was up when I heard the intro to your radio show that you might have good taste in music. This confirms it.

  2. Brad DeLong has Better Taste in Music THAN Paul Krugman.

  3. Wow! Whatever in the hell Paul is listening to, it is pure garbage. And, trust me, I have been known to listen to some unlistenable stuff on occasion (e.g. John Zorn, Ruins, Melt-Banana, The Residents, etc), but that second video is pure sonic torture.

  4. George actually flubs a couple of notes in the beginning. Judging by his sweat level, he'd been workin' hard and was kind of winded.

    Then he hits his groove and Holy Smokes!! It starts!

    I love George Benson......

    Good taste, Wenzel!

    P.S. the greatest Film Opening segment of all time is in "All That Jazz" with George playing "On Broadway" live!!!

  5. Whatever. Each to his own. I prefer Megadeth to both. I also regularly enjoy classical pianists.

  6. Completely disagree. Arcade Fire is one of the best and creative bands out there right now. Probably the only good thing about Krugman is that he likes AF.

  7. At first I was thinking, "Oh come on, Wenzel, how big of a difference could there be? Musical taste is subjective, this is a petty post."

    And then I hit the play button on Krugman's selection.