Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bumping Up Against the Police State

Often when bumping up against the police state, government officials will buckle. They generally don't even know what the hell regs they are supposedly operating under and will buckle if you stand strong on "basic American principles."

Most are more concerned about their jobs than they are proving a point with someone who appears to be willing to stand on basic principles.

(via Marc A. Shea)

And don't forget this law student:

Show superior knowledge and get them to fear losing their job, can often get you a stay out of jail card.


  1. In fascism the rule of law falls. When GM bondholders tried to stand on their legal rights, the President of the United States called them "otructionists" who are preventing recovery, on national TV. The feds have so many ways to arbitraily punish anyone who stands in their way that survival requires one be careful.

    If that cop were a sob, he could find some cause to arrest, if he were alone with the suspect he could easily plant narcotics in the area and claim he saw it fall from the suspect's pocket. Lots of juries convict on no more than a policeman's word against a defendant. More likely than a jury trial, the DA would overcharge and you would see the advisability of pleading what they offer over a slim chance of years in the fed pen. If you were locked up, particularly if you insisted on a trial, the determination of how horrific the conditions of your time would be determined totally outside of your control but possibly within that of friends of the cop. Rape and gang violence is there in certain prisons.

  2. In that first video, I believe the driver was Matthew Fox, star of the TV show 'Lost'.
    Was that video real or just another fake production? Just asking...

  3. Wow. You will never see something like that happening in Europe, Asia or other parts of the world. This exceptional courage and sense of freedom is amazing!! This is one of the reasons I have faith in the American people. I refuse to believe that you guys would ever let ''Nazi Germany'' happen to you. Sure, you may have technically lost your freedoms, but it still exists deep inside all of you. Even if the U.S. would ever fall in the hands of totalitarian leaders, you people will stand up to them. You wouldn't just obey like my parents did in the USSR or those in the Nazi Germany. And I respect you guys for it. I truly do!!

  4. I'd be interested to see what would happen if a young hispanic man drove up to the same checkpoints in a beat-up pickup with a lawnmower in the back. I'm fairly confident he would not receive the same wave-through the man in the video received.