Monday, July 16, 2012

Canadian Money Supply Melting Away?

The Toronto Star reports:

Turns out Canada’s new $100 and $50 bills can’t stand the heat after all.
Under certain conditions they will curl up like bacon in a frying pan.
“The Bank of Canada cannot rule out that polymer notes may be damaged under certain extraordinary conditions,” Julie Girard, a currency spokesperson for the Bank of Canada, told the Star Thursday.
According to various reports, the so-called indestructible polymer bills will shrink under intense heat, be it the inside of a car or placed next to a heat source.
The new $100 bills, which were introduced in November, underwent scientific tests to make sure they withstood various conditions, the Bank of Canada says. The polymer $50 was introduced earlier this year.
According to anecdotal reports from Brittney Halldorson, a teller at the Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna, B.C., she’s heard of cases where several of the bills have melted together inside a hot car.
The Star confirmed another report of a Halifax man who laid his wallet on a toaster oven after toasting a bagel and noticed later that three $100 bills had taken on the shape of a “Coke bottle.”
Melted Canadian money

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  1. Clearly the problem is not the bills but the users. Don't they realize that they could solve this problem by using public transport? No hot car to melt your money then.

  2. The U.S. had similar problems with its $100 bills a few years ago. Jon Stewart covered it with a few good jokes.

    (Starting 2:15)

  3. Big deal. Fiat currency is worthless. Just showing its true value...