Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Email from Ron Paul

The below email was posted at Daily Paul. DP calls it:
Disappointing to say the least!
According to this email, the official Ron Paul movement is down to trying to get some wording in a platform that no one will read.

It will be interesting to see whether the RP delegates will allow themselves to be choreographed this way in Tampa.

Dear James,

Just last week, I sent you an email letting you know my staff would be following up with you shortly to tell you everything you need to know about our plans for the Republican National Convention.

My staff has been busy burning up the phone lines, so many of you may have already heard from them.

But because this email is so important, I wanted it to come directly from me.

For several weeks now, I’ve been up front about the fact that Mitt Romney has obtained enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination.

That fact hasn’t changed - and it’s not going to change.

Over the past few weeks, my staff and I have researched the numbers extensively.

We’ve come to the conclusion that even if by some miracle all delegates to the Republican Convention were unbound, I would receive approximately 300 votes at the National Convention - far short of the 1,144 needed to secure the Republican nomination.

It’s also come to my attention recently that many supporters believe a win at the upcoming Nebraska State Convention this Saturday could be an important step for my campaign’s success in Tampa.

While my campaign is hoping to do as well as possible there, I can’t imagine a scenario where my goals or my plans for our R3VOLUTION in Tampa would change. They are:

*** Ensuring as many of my delegates as possible are credentialed.

There are many folks in the GOP who want my supporters to just shut up and go away, and they have resorted to every dirty trick in the book to game the system at various state conventions. You and I must ensure that as many of my supporters as possible are credentialed at the Republican National Convention.

*** Planting our flag.

Just by seeing a flood of my delegates in Tampa, you and I can respectfully send a loud and clear message that we are the future of the Republican Party. Seeing so many new and young faces at the RNC will show that despite their best efforts to maintain their iron grip over the Republican Party, our liberty movement is the future of the GOP;

*** Affecting the Platform.

By fighting for an internet freedom plank, Audit the Fed, and a plank opposing the indefinite detention of American citizens – and perhaps even opposing the so-called “PATRIOT” Act and undeclared war - you and I can prove we are a growing force in the Republican Party and perhaps convince more GOP elected officials to come our way on these critical issues;

As a National Delegate or Alternate, you’ve invested a lot of your time, talent, and hard-earned money into my campaign and our cause of liberty.

For that I am deeply grateful - and I can’t thank you enough.

I’m looking forward to going to Tampa and celebrating the success of my campaign, and more importantly, our bright future.

So if you haven’t yet done so, please CLICK HERE and register as a delegate or alternate so you can be kept up-to-date on our plans in Tampa.

And if you know of any other delegates in your state, please forward this email to them, as well.

I hope to see you in Tampa.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul


  1. "...and perhaps even opposing the so-called “PATRIOT” Act and undeclared war..."

    What the hell does he mean with "perhaps"?

    Opposing the empire and undeclared wars is now no longer considered one of the most important things?
    He seems to be deliberately watering down his own message.

  2. Glad I didn't waste my time and money on the political campaign. Let's just abolish the state. There is not other way.

  3. You can imagine the scene at Tampa at 10pm "And now, the one you've all been waiting to hear from, RON PAUL, by the way, its open bar, the restaurants are half off and for the seniors, free warship hats in the main event center.

  4. Influence tha platform?

    Complete shit.

  5. It is unbelievable that RP himself has been co-opted in such a way. I can only assume one of the four:
    (1) RP was threatened with violence against his family.
    (2) The love RP has for his son leads him to leave aside rationality and forget Rand is simply another neocon.
    (3) At nearly 80 RP's health is catching up to him and he is unable to see Benton and the other snakes around him.
    (4) RP has found it easier and more financially rewarding to abandon his principles.

    I'd bet on 1, 2 or 3. It's highly unlikely a man who was tutored directly by Murray Rothbard and not only withstood but also fought against the lure of the Washington establishment for so long would abandon principles for convenience or monetary gain.

    1. How has he been co-opted, what are you expecting to happen at this convention?

      Nothing of any importance was going to happen here... ever.

    2. IT is unbelievealbe that you have chosen to live in delusional fantasyland for so long that you have no hope of ever existing in the real world anymore

  6. First of all, it's great to see Lew, Bob, and the like posting this with no actual evidence of an email. Bob, why are regurgitating this, if not for the mere sensationalism? I get stuff from the campaign and I haven't seen this email. Second, many of the people that hang around here are the biggest bunch of whiners I've seen in my whole life. Your armchair politics and "see, I told you so" approach to your own freedom is why many don't take Libertarians seriously. How about you take your own risks and stop whining about others.

    1. Wow, take it easy there. This was sent only to national delegates and has already been confirmed by a Maine national delegate that this came directly from the campaign.

    2. Would you like some whine with that cheese, Anon?

    3. Don't you feel stupid now that t has been confirmed that this is a real e-mail?

    4. @ lakawak

      No he doesn't.
      People like anon-troll would be back with the same pathetic misplaced anger the next time someone legitimately questions anything one of his 'infallible' heroes does.

      I really, really like Ron Paul. But worshipping groupies with blinders on really make me sad. They haven't understood the first, basic thing about the cause Ron Paul is fighting for. That it is bigger than anyone, including Ron Paul himself.

      I don't know if it is sad, ironic, or just funny that people like Robert Wenzel and Lew Rockwell are accused by this guy of doing anything to deliberately damage Ron Paul's campaign, when they virtually never do anything but praise and defend him. It goes to show the implicit demand for absolute blind conformity that a bunch of worshipping groupies have in their adulation of people rather than truth and principles.

  7. "First of all, it's great to see Lew, Bob, and the like posting this with no actual evidence of an email."

    Why don't you go whine about this at Daily Paul, which posted the e-mail?
    The notion that EPJ and Rockwell would post something with the deliberate intent of damaging the Ron Paul campaign is ludicrous, and shows how utterly moronic your accusation is. If anything, these websites are patently soft on Ron Paul. But to people who like the taste of kool-aid, any articles that places question marks at anything related to Ron Paul or even Rand Paul is some violation of some unspoken cult-like pact of libertarian conformity and hero-worship.

    "Bob, why are regurgitating this, if not for the mere sensationalism?"

    Because it is NEWS. To you anything that doesn't smack of blind worship of your heroes, or in some way doesn't serve your heroes' aims, would be called "sensationalism".
    He basically just posted an e-mail that was taken seriously by the people running Daily Paul, and then let people judge for themselves.
    But you don't like people judging for themselves, do you?

    "I get stuff from the campaign and I haven't seen this email."

    Others have. Go visit Daily Paul.

    "Second, many of the people that hang around here are the biggest bunch of whiners I've seen in my whole life."

    And yet here you are. You must be attracted to whining. Judging by your own post i can see why.

    "Your armchair politics and "see, I told you so" approach to your own freedom is why many don't take Libertarians seriously."

    No, the reason many don't take libertarians seriously, is because they hate freedom and love the state. If they loved freedom, they'd be libertarians themselves.
    If you employed logic, you would have figured this out yourself.

    "How about you take your own risks and stop whining about others."

    Has it ever occurred to you that any kind of "action" the way YOU perceive it, is not taken by many libertarian precisely because it is fruitless and maybe even counter-productive?

    P.S. "Risks"? As opposed to what? Earning a pay-check from forcibly extracted money by putting your career before the job you are HIRED to do?
    I think the fact that people are paying Ron Paul's paychecks through taxation, or even donating money to him, entitles them to what you call "whining". Or did you think all the money he gets is without conditions? That would be rather stupid.

  8. I'm not sure I agree with you guys on this. We're not going to win in Tampa, so why create a ruckus all for nothing? There is a difference between sending delegates to try to educate and influence the others about our positions, another to just create noise and antagonize others. If we want to win elections and have influence, our main job is STILL to educate the people, not just focus on political maneuvering and strategy. We still need more people in our movement for that to be effective. We still need to convince people about Austrian economics and a foreign policy of peace to actually enact our policies. And Ron Paul is not watering down the message. The end goals haven't changed. Nothing in the letter he sent out indicates to me that the goals of ending the wars, ending the fed, or repealing the Patriot Act have been changed.

    1. Auditing the Fed rather than Ending it, and "perhaps even" opposing the PATRIOT Act and undeclared war, are possible indications that the goals have changed.
      At the very least the order of priorities may have changed, in the sense of "if it's convenient and time allows, we may even oppose undeclared wars."

      When someone writes something, he chooses a certain wording for a reason. Why write e-mails to delegates in which the wording suggests anything but the blunt truth about ending the Fed and ending the war?

      The question is, does Ron Paul realize that ENDING the Fed (rather than merely auditing it), and ENDING the Patriot Act and undeclared wars (rather than "perhaps oppose them") may be the main reason he has attracted all this support and gotten all this money? And that *if* he changes any of this after the fact, he can justifiably be accused of political 'false advertising'?

      I find it personally interesting, that Ending the Fed turns into Audit the Fed shortly after his son Rand claims Ron Paul's and Mitt Romney's views on the FED aren't all that far apart, and that shortly after Rand endorses Mitt, ending the Patriot Act and the undeclared wars turns into "perhaps even oppose them". I don't like at least three words in that four word sentence.

    2. I don't believe any of that indicates the goals have changed. This email is about changing the minds of the rest of the Republican Party. At this point, its not feasible to get them all to want to End the Fed, or to oppose all wars. However, steps like auditing the fed are at this time very feasible. The 'perhaps even' indicates to me that in order to oppose wars and the 'Patriot' Act, we must proceed with the utmost caution, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, because those are often deeply emotional issues for Republicans. I'll admit that I think foreign policy should be pushed a bit faster than is suggested in the email. However, none of this has to do with changing the end goals. I don't believe for a minute that this indicates that Ron Paul would now support wars or support extending the Patriot Act.

  9. Dear Ron Paul campaign, please refund my donations. I repent of funding an endeavor which seeks to remake the state. I agree, let's abolish it instead. And the money I gave you (once you return it to me) will be much better spent by being placed in the coffers of my local church.

  10. The Pauls sold out - it's as simple as that. I don't view it as a sinister conspiracy either - they really thought it would be the best strategy to further their cause.

    This delegate strategy really was a misdirection of the energy of all the volunteers and delegates who were in it to win it. Now they hold pointless positions in the vast Republican Party bureaucracy. One big reason Ron Paul people could win Chairmanships in these states was that these state parties were bankrupt and incompetent. Does anyone honestly believe that the RNC will shower these new Ron Paul state party chairmen with money and responsibilities anytime soon? Also, no politician reads the party platform or takes it seriously.

    Using their own rules against them in the delegate nomination process is a clever idea, but it's a case of being too clever for one's own good. There's no substitute for old-fashioned campaigning and winning elections and free media coverage as a result, and the campaign made a disastrous decision to not campaign in South Carolina (Paul had plenty of momentum after coming in 2nd in New Hampshire) and Virginia (an open primary where he won 40% of the vote against Romney without ever having campaigned in the state)

  11. I don't thee an issue at all with the email. Everything in it is completely realistic. I don't know what many of you thought was going to happen in Tampa -- some sort of GOP overthrow? Let's get rid of this pipe dream and accept that Tampa is going to be what it was always planned to be. Washington is too far gone to save from the inside. Instead of ridiculing Dr. Paul for being realistic, we should be celebrating his amazing achievements and looking forward to his future plans now that he is free of the chains of politics.

  12. Ron Paul has never let us down.

    At least wait until he does something to critisize him for before you pounce.

  13. Sounds like something a PR person would write on his behalf.