Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goldman Recruits Former Treasury Spokesman

The Treasury-Goldman Sachs crony relationship in its purest form.

GS has recruited a second former member of the Obama administration’s Treasury department to join its communications team, FT reports.

Andrew Williams, presently the director of media relations at General Electric, will join the GS at the end of this month.. Williams joined the Treasury in 2009. There he helped run public affairs for almost two years before joining GE.

Earlier this year, the bank recruited Jake Siewert, a former senior adviser to Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary.


  1. Where do you think those people at treasury will go after a couple of years there? Goldman is clearly doing a better job running our government than it's peer. It pays off big time. Rubin, Paulsen, many others around globe. They don't call them vampire squid for nothing.

    1. Yea, but don't forget their "doing God's work". (Unfortunately their god is beelzebub - the lord of the flies)