Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Check Whether You Will Be Knocked Off the Internet on Monday by Malware

WaPo reports that tens of thousands of Americans mayll lose their Internet service Monday unless they do a quick check of their computers for malware that could have taken over their machines more than a year ago.

Despite repeated alerts, the number of computers that probably are infected is more than 277,000 worldwide, down from about 360,000 in April. Of those still infected, the FBI believes that about 64,000 are in the United States.

Users whose computers are still infected Monday will lose their ability to go online, and they will have to call their service providers for help deleting the malware and reconnecting to the Internet.

To check whether a computer is infected, users can visit a website run by the group brought in by the FBI: .

The site includes links to respected commercial sites that will run a quick check on the computer, and it also lays out detailed instructions if users want to actually check the computer themselves.


  1. Sure, I'd love to register my IP address with the FBI. I'll take my chance with the private crooks who only want my computer.

    1. lol...I thought the same thing.

      I'm not clicking on any FBI endorsed/run links for anything.

      I think the private anti-virus market does a fine job.

    2. Funny...I thought that too!!!

    3. No offense but the FBI and CIA already have access to everything you've written on the internet. If you've used the wrong words or combination you've been moved to a special watch list. Don't worry the knock will most likely come at 1 or 3 a.m. with the thud of your front door falling into your castle.
      I'm in Regoin VI as per Nixion's executive order complying wiht UN orders,where are you?
      Take care,
      Known by the watchers.
      P.S. Like Winston Smith in 1984 I'm waiting for Brian to send my escort the rat cage and to be disappeared.

    4. "I'm in Region VI as per Nixion's executive order complying wiht UN orders,where are you?"

      District 12, it used to be called Appalachia.

  2. Bob, if you can escape your restraints, let us know when you've kicked out the FBI spammers who have taken over your site.

  3. Yes, what a method for the Black Hats in govt. to log IP addresses, or potentially introduce spyware. Amazingly though,
    even AV vendors like Vipre are referring users to the site link provided in these warning articles all over the MSM sites. Shows how govt. is now trying to take over the Internet and Internet security. Sigh!

  4. After Ruby Ridge and Waco, I am very, very skeptical of any federal law enforcement agency, and since the lying illegal alien was elected, I don't think there is a federal agency that is not infected with leftist nazi nanny types. (matter of fact, during voir dire in a federal court case, I stood up and told the attorneys that I could not trust the FBI who was prosecuting the case and told them why. Needless to say, I was not selected, and I am very surprised I was not audited but that was before the federal gummint began making a habit of persecuting those who disagree with them.

    Trust the feds? You must think I have "IDIOT" tattooed on my head.

  5. Very suspicious.

  6. Trust our government are you nuts!

  7. I'll call my ISP if I can't get online on Monday.

  8. The current administration hasn't made it easier for us to trush the Feds..

  9. There was a DNS corrupting piece of Malware 'out there', and I'd hope that by now any decent anti-virus or anti-malware program would identify & remove it. NOTE: it would NOT be able to restore your dns setting though.

    If you're too paranoid to use an automated checker, then do it manually.

    - find out from your ISP what dns settings you should have
    - check your computer's IP settings to see if that's what you actually do have.

    If you're too paranoid AND too dumb to help yourself... well, the rest of us are probably better off if you do go offline for a while.

  10. All computer users should check their personal systems for DNSChanger Trojan Horse. That's easuily done. Go to If the graphic background is green, you're clean. If red, you have the trojan. Most anti-virus programs have been updated by now to block the DNSChanger. Two free ones are: and

  11. 64,000 computers in the US? This is not the big deal the press has made it out to be. I heard absolutely no follow-ups on any news source and no interviews with the unfortunate computer users who didn't get online this week. Kind of like Y2K.