Monday, July 16, 2012

More Evidence LBJ's Great Grandkids are Not Rocket Scientists

They beat a grandfather to death, in Rhamaland. Filmed it and posted the video on Facebook.

NBC Chicago reports:
Two more teens have been charged in the beating death of a 62-year-old disabled man that Chicago police said was recorded on a cell phone and posted to Facebook.

Police said a 16-year-old gang member punched Delfino Mora, father to 12 children and a grandfather to 23, last Tuesday in an alley in the 6300 block of North Artesian. Mora's devastated family told NBC Chicago that Mora was on his regular route of collecting cans that he sells for cash when the teens confronted him.

Nicholas Ayala, 17, of the 6300 block of North Talman and Anthony Malcolm, 18, of the 5500 block of North Broadway were both charged with first-degree murder and robbery.
Malik Jones, 16, the Latin Kings member accused of striking Mora, was charged with first-degree murder and ordered held without bail Sunday by Judge Adam Bourgeois.
Police said Jones handed his friends his cell phone to start filming then demanded money from Mora and punched him in the jaw. Ayala and Malcolm are accused of taking turns filming the video which allegedly showed Mora's head smashing into the concrete.
Mora was found unconscious and died one day later.

Police said the video was posted to Jones' Facebook page. He was arrested after police found out about the video.
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  1. "Society" is certainly not responsible for the actions of these monsters, but the New World Order is certainly getting the destructive chaos that it wants to impose a police state. Little do these scum know, that they are playing into the hands of people who are orchestrating economic misery (and plenty of other misery), to consolidate power, break up the family (the building block of human interaction), and foment violence among peoples who should be peacefully united against the growth of the state, unequivocally fighting to shrink its size and scope. How does one do this effectively? The short and very difficult answer is that we need modern day saints like Ron Paul to practice what they preach, and set high moral examples. Make no mistake, people like this can be persecuted by the larger majority.

    1. I think Ron Paul needs to practice what he preaches by cleaning up his family first by disowning Rand or taking him out to the woodshed.

    2. He doesn't have to disown him.

      But he certainly shouldn't conveniently look the other way whenever Rand is putting his foot in his mouth, such as when he suggested that the views of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the Fed are fairly similar. All Ron Paul really had to do was say that Rand must be 'confused', or some other mild euphemism.

      Sure, Rand is Ron's son, but that is nobody's problem but their own. We shouldn't have to accept any hypocrisy just because it would make Thanksgiving more agreeable for the Pauls.

    3. Would you do that to your son?

    4. Ok, just politically or philosophically disown him then. Call him out as you would any other person blood ties or not.

    5. "Would you do that to your son?"

      Ron Paul himself makes his own decisions, nobody can force him to make any particular choice, but when he chooses his son over integrity, nobody can complain that he loses integrity and credibility. It's that simple.

      Rand Paul is a grown man, and chose to be a politician. Rand Paul chose to endorse Mitt Romney. And Rand Paul chose to tell garbage about the similarity between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney's views. Why on Earth should Ron Paul not be able to set his stupid son straight, simply as one politician to another?
      If Ron Paul himself chooses not to, because he can only see Rand as his son and not as a politician, then he is capable of forgiving him for anything he does as a politician.
      And it would be pathetic if we would accept that, as if his family bond to Rand is our problem.

      So Ron Paul should do what he feels, but also accept the consequences of that in terms of his reputation and credibility.

      As to your question. Yes i would do that to my own son. If he is an adult, and chose to be a politician, and chose to tell lies about me, i would correct him in no uncertain terms. At the office i would correct him as one politician to another. At home i would tell him that his parents didn't raise a liar.

    6. I wonder if he would take the rap if Rand committed murder, as OJ did for his son Jason?

  2. Unfortunately, most people often equate society with government. I would say that part of society is responsible for letting government get out of control.

  3. I always post my murder videos to Facebook.

  4. Although this is obviously a tragic event -- an old man died needlessly at the hands of immature, attention-starved punks -- the 'silver lining' is that the punks did post the video online. The more video coverage of outrageous events like this that is made accessible to the public -- irregardless of who does the filming -- the faster we will push towards the public outrage tipping point where sensible solutions to the madness can no longer be withheld by dingbat politicians.