Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall

The eurozone crisis is your friend, making US debt instruments a safe haven.

Mortgage rates are down this week to 3.53% for 30-year fixed and 2.83% for 15-year fixed, according to Freddie Mac. Lock in these rates if you can, they will not last forever, especially once the Bernanke money printing machine goes into overtime and price inflation starts to soar.


  1. The great credit contraction continues....

  2. "Lock in these rates now, they will not last forever". Really? Ya think?

    I thought rates were on the way up Robert. Over the last two years every time rates dropped you said to "hurry and lock rates as they would be going up soon".

    Now it's "not forever".

    The ten year will go below 1% before it goes over 3%. Rates are not going up anytime soon.


    1. Money printing has slowed. Rates are going up soon, unless Bernanke starts printing again.

      To be honest, I still agree with you though. Bernanke will either start printing soon for Obama, or wait till right before the election for Romney.