Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ron Paul: Romney Campaign Scared to Let Me Speak at GOP Convention

The Hill reports:

Rep. Ron Paul said that the Republican Party is scared to let him speak at the national convention in Florida next month.
The Texas Republican candidate for president said he thinks the prospects of him having the Tampa platform to energize his “Ronvolution” movement of supporters — who buck traditional GOP staples such as war funding and are in favor of more radical ideas such as auditing the Federal Reserve — intimidates some in the Republican leadership, including former Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R-Mass.) campaign.
“I think the Romney campaign organization is very insecure,” said Paul in an interview with Fox Business News on Friday.
“They want this thing to go smoothly. But all conventions are like that. And this is the one thing that annoys me a bit. If they want this thing to go smoothly and be a big media event, and it costs the taxpayers $18 million, and they don't want a discussion, why can't we have a little debate?”
I wonder if they fear Rand.


  1. What the heck is "Ronvolution"?

  2. No one is scared of Rand. He is completely pliable and complicit; he's one of "the gang".

  3. Go, Ron, Go! He continues to speak the truth. The only chance Romney has is to capture this independents, libertarians, young people, etc that made up the millions of Paul supporters across the country, and a lot of them aren't Republicans. But if Paul doesn't get a chance to speak, Romney's chances of winning the Paul supporters are zero.

    1. What does Rand's chances of creating a movement or having a positive impact for the liberty movement have to do with anything?