Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stefan Molyneux Invited on to The Robert Wenzel Show

To the many of you who have suggested I invite Stefan Molyneux on to The Robert Wenzel Show, it is done.

The Robert Wenzel Show executive producer Chris Rossini has sent an email to Molyneux inviting him on to the show.

UPDATE: Stefan has agreed to come on the show. Date isn't confirmed, but it appears it will be the show that will be posted on July 29.


  1. While he definitely is a libertarian, he is too forceful on a variety of issues (even when he's blatantly wrong). With that being said, I'd be wary of that little fact during the interview.

    He could be a great individual personally, but this should be a noteworthy
    episode given his tendencies.

    Don't know what to expect from the podcast though.

  2. Molyneux only does two hour shows.

  3. Fantastic! I applaud you Wenzel for digging into it.

  4. interesting, never heard of the Wenzel show before, but I will listen/watch.

  5. Robert,

    Love the blog and the audio show. I have high hopes for this one... should be amazing.

  6. Ask Molyneux why he is so belittling and condescending when discussing Ron Paul. Then ask Molyneux if he, and his YouTube channel, have done more for libertarianism than Ron Paul.

    Also, please ask Molyneux if he has anything in his rhetorical tool box other than constructing 10 minute long straw man arguments in order to refute Ron Paul and his supporters.

    Please also as Molyneux if he will then jump in lake.

    1. If you actually watch his videos. He both praises and criticizes Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not above criticism, regardless of what Walter Block says.

      This kind of vitriol is exactly why our movement is going to fail. We curse the MSM when they use this kind of nonsense against RP, but then somehow its ok to do it to Stef.

    2. Thank You Brian!! I hope he can't swim!

    3. He was pretty bad awhile back, but more recently he's been fair.

  7. Drill him on economics! Show no mercy!!!

  8. I'm glad you're doing it.
    It doesn't matter what his manner is.

    If he can bring in new ideas/approaches, everyone profits.
    Everyone who disagrees with him will have to sharpen their defense.
    People who agree with him will get to test their defense against Wenzel's offense.

    Other people will get bright ideas going off on other tangents.
    Wenzel will find new ways to be insulting and funny, thereby driving hits to his blog.

    All those posting on Wenzel's blog will get their five minutes of net fame....and revisit..even Molyneux lovers...

    Molyneux haters will find more reasons to hate him and will redouble their support for Dr. Paul..

    Dr. Gordon's lectures will boom....

    I don't see any losers.

  9. I love it when "libertarians eat their own"...classic nerd-dom.

    This will be a great show as the moral argument, which Stefan is bringing to the table, is extremely compelling when dealing with non-nerdlings and people who have no clue about money flows and monetary history.

    Stefan and Wenzel will be entertaining for sure.

  10. Robert, if you spend the interview quizzing Stefan about economics, you will be wasting your time, and it will be very boring. That's not where his expertise lies.

    He is an anarchist/there should be NO government. Like Walter Block. If you want to brush up on your anarchy, do some reading, like "Defending the Undefendable" or "The Privitization of Roads and Highways". Ask Stefan questions about anarchy. He has been studying it a long time.

    Thinking about it, I'd love to see a discussion between Molyneux and Block. They have so many ideas in common, it would be interesting to see them find something they disagree about. Maybe you could invite them both on at the same time.

    1. Where do you get the crazy idea that Wenzel is only going to only talk about economics?

      If you had listened to Wenzel's interview of Walter Block, you would have heard him say that Block's book "Defending the Undefendable" was one of the first libertarian books he read and that it had a major impact on him.

      Second, if you read EPJ regularly, you will have noticed that Wenzel has hinted more than once that he is writing a book anti-natural rights, which suggests he is doing thinking in the area of philosophy.

      Finally, if economics is not where Molyneux's "expertise lies" why the hell does he have an entire section devoted to it?

    2. "Where do you get the crazy idea that Wenzel is only going to only talk about economics?"

      From here:

      I have heard Stefan talk about economics. I have heard him talk about anarchy. The latter was scintillating.