Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dodd-Frank Monster Continues to Grow

This infographic from the law firm David Polk shows how big Dodd-Frank is getting — and how much bigger it’s likely to get. With this type of growth in regulation, it is going to suffocate many, many businesses. It will be particularly difficult for startups and small firms, who don't have the funds to to hire the personnel to  meet all the new regulations. Thus, in general, these new regulations will build an advantage for large firms. It creates a moat for them and snuffs out new competitors.


  1. How the hell does anyone keep track of all that?!

  2. And this is just spit in the ocean compared to the over one hundred regulatory bodies and hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations already in existence. "Free markets", eh?

  3. Quote from comrade Molotov: "...let's arrest them and drag them to court, the laws they violated will be found".