Monday, July 30, 2012

The Unsustainable China Economic Bubble

I recently highlighted a column on China by Dee Woo.

He has emailed me and writes:
Many people are curious about where China's Economy is heading.

It's the norm to think China's economy is ill but rarely people can trace the symptom towards the root causes.

I think what China suffers right now is not just random slow down but rather a great deleveraging in Ray Dalio's words. Contrary to the convention, The great deleveraging doesn't not only happen in the affluent west but also in the striving east.

This report analyses China's happening great deleveraging in clinical details and exposes its ills though vivid Magnifier.

I have conducted my comprehensive research through English and Chinese materials since I am bi-lingual. I consider this my comparative strength when it comes to China's economy.

I sincerely hope that you can enjoy my report on China. It's also been published on Seeking Alpha:
Woo's analysis should not be considered an Austrian School Business Cycle analysis. However, Woo does a very good job of pointing out many of the facts that would be of interest to an ABCT analyst in understanding the developing crisis in China.

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  1. The China's Economy is same as Indian Economy. Hope this all will set by next year Job Proposals