Monday, July 2, 2012

Tracking Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will testify before Congress about the economic outlook and monetary policy on July 17 and 18, according to an online report at WSJ. WSJ, quoting a Senate aide, said that Bernanke will go before the Senate Banking Committee on July 17 to discuss his semiannual report on monetary policy and will visit the House Financial-Services Committee on July 18.

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  1. CNBC invited Chris Whalen of Tangent Capital onto Squawk Box to discuss JP Morgan’s Q2 earnings report July 13th, the widening LIBOR scandal, and the European debt crisis.

    Shockingly, at 9:26 into the clip, the CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin brings up the LIBOR manipulation scandal and concedes that the bullion banks are also manipulating the silver market too! Hopefully their plummeting ratings will force their hand to bring attention to this fraud.