Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trump on Obamacare

Pretty damn good. But would he be in favor of allowing the free market to work, or does he think he would be a better central planner?

(ht Iris Mack)


  1. Knowing Trump, probably the latter. His assessment of the hc bill is surprisingly good though

  2. Trump is right, This is the most distructive law ever. This law will give government the ability to tell you how to eat drink and b wary. It reminds me of what the bible states about the end times where wrong will be right.

  3. Any program the government (Washington) has been involved in is sure to be the most expensive failure perpetrated on the American public.
    Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves at the bloated mess the federal government has become.
    Trump speaks the truth and no one cares.