Tuesday, July 31, 2012

U.K., Netherlands Suspend Millions in Aid to Rwanda

Can this mean anything other than Rwanda is now on the US enemies list. Expect overthrow of the current government or other intervention. The UK and the Netherlands are simply getting out of the way.

Enough reports:
The Dutch government announced today its suspension of 5 million euros, or approximately $6.18 million, in aid to Rwanda. The United Kingdom has also decided to delay 16 million pounds, or approximately $25.16 million, originally earmarked for Kigali, pending a decision about whether Rwanda has met aid conditions...
These decisions come on the heels of a U.N. report documenting high-level Rwandan support of the M23 rebellion in neighboring Congo. The moves by the Netherlands and the U.K. echo a similar decision taken over the weekend by the U.S. government to cut $200,000 in military aid.
A senior U.N. official confirmed to the BBC that defecting rebels have said they were recruited in Rwanda. They also use weapons, uniforms, and tactics, such as night attacks, uncharacteristic of Congolese-trained troops. Many defecting rebels speak English, which is more commonly spoken in Rwanda than in the primarily francophone Congo.

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